Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New media (internet) is increasingly and extensively used by people all over the world, especially in developed countries. Statistics have shown high rates of internet usage in Singapore (66% in 2005). New media is more popular with the younger generation.

Some of the new media applications pr practitioners can use include blogs, podcasting, second life, social networking and twitter. They reach out to a greater audience and in applications like blogs and twitter (micro-blogging), audience feedback can be obtained. However, ethical issues must be considered (astroturfing or flogging). A well-known case for example is when the pr practitioner for Wal-Mart started a blog promoting itself as a grassroots organisation.

At the same time, new media is different and therefore captures the attention of the younger generation who have grown tolerant of ubiquitous adverts and billboards (conventional marketing). Two examples of how new media can engage people are shown below:

1) ImSocial campaign (a facebook page set up to promote Motorola Dext through a competition)

2) MGMT concerts (location of concerts are revealed online, tickets obtained through a game)


  1. I agree! Though new media is now extensive, it reaches only a specific age target which is the generation who are tech-savvy!

    Good insight!


  2. Hi Yvonne. Thanks for your link! It is true that the impact and advancement of New Media must not be underestimated. Organisations should make full use of New Media to their advantage.

    -Andy Wang