Sunday, March 7, 2010

Public Relations research is probably one of the more boring topic or activity pr practitioners carry out. However, it is very much needed in every stage of a pr campaign. Before anything, research is done for situational analysis. During an event, research is still being carried to monitor progress. At the end, research is done to determine if target is achieved.

An area of interest would be the links between attitudes, opinions and behaviour. Attitude is described as having 3 components: cognitive (thinking), affective (feeling) and behavioural (doing). A pr campaign is aimed to change either one, two or all three components. To result in attitude change, occurrences in chronological order ususally starts with audience understanding of case facts, then feeling or believing before they start doing. However, behaviour may also be influenced by other factors (situational, motivational etc) and constraints. The cognitive element will then come in later to justify the action.

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  1. Good focus on the core essence of research being done before,during and even after the PR campaign's done