Monday, March 15, 2010

A very good example of crisis management would be the SARS case study we did in class.

In situations of emergency, pr practitioners must be able to think on their feet, act quickly, but also carry out correct measures. In this case, Tan Tock Seng Hospital were alert and appropriate actions were duly taken. To build trust with the public, information was made available and nothing was concealed. A doctor was also made the spokesperson. Information coming from a person of authority is more credible. It was also a good platform to disseminate info about how to prevent SARS.

Another example of how a crisis was handled. This is about the recent recall of Toyota cars.

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  1. You shared the same case study of Toyota as me with regards to explaining Crisis Management!

    Haha, but good call on using the SARS crisis case study as an example - it totally slipped my mind!

    with that said, I believe anyone, by reading your blog post, will be able to grasp an adequate understanding on the need for Crisis Management in ensuring PR image of an organization isn't damaged too badly